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When a mistress is deprived of something, she will punish her slave. This brunette mistress missed an activity so she has to punish her slave. She takes off her pants and puts her full weight on his face. She grinds her ass and pussy into his face, smothering him and making him smell the odors of her body. She won't let up until she is over her upset and he won't cause another delay again.

Mistress Mercedes is such a pretty girl with a juicy ass. She loves to get her favorite slave over to give him the face sitting of a lifetime. Of course her slave isn't going to save anything, because he is getting her perfect ass scent right on his face. This slave is one lucky guy to get all of Mistress Mercedes's perfection right on top of his face.

Wow! Her ass is marvelous! She has the most perfectly round ass! And she uses it for more than just sitting on chairs, she uses it to sit on her slaves face! She works her ass with a jiggle, as she plops on this slaves face. The sheer weight of her ass turns his face red, as he gasps for air. After gasping her begs her to stop, but she isn't done yet!

Mistress Manon is a very dominant Mistress who knows what she wants and where she wants it and today she wants it, or rather her slave under her pert sexy ass, she puts him on the floor and straddles him for some jeanssitting fun! Looking down as his face turns pink and enjoying his humiliation she grinds her denim clad crotch into his face and orders him to sniff her, moving back she rubs her ass over his face and sits down to subject him to some full weight facesitting until he begs for air!

Mistress Katja much prefers to sit on someone than sit on the sofa or a chair, humans she believes are much more comfortable and much more fun! watch here as she smothers and humiliates her lucky ass slave in her tight white pants, feeling the crotch heat up as he breaths in and out carefully trying not to panic under the full weight facesitting he's receiving from this dominant beauty.

Mistress July is working out with her male partner when she decides that the work out mats and balls aren't good enough. She uses her full weight to facesit on her new ass slave in her pink panties smothering him with her ass and making him smell her womanly scent. She loves shoving her sexy ass on his face controlling his breathing as she continues to work out on his face.

Mistress Cynthia has her ass slave lie down on the couch as she begins to facesit on her slaves head using her full weight to crush and smother his face. She loves controlling her slaves breathing as she slides her jeans down and then sits on his face with her panties making him smell her ass as she humiliates him with facesitting humor. This facesitting femdom loves when he worships her ass while taking his breath away.

Lady Cathy loves humiliating her slave as she plants her sexy ass on her ass slaves face smothering him with her thick ass and thighs. This chubby mistress loves making her slaves face turn read as she uses her full weight to facesit on him in her panties as he worships her ass and is forced to smell her scent. This BBW mistress loves using her slave as a human stool with a smile.

This chubby mistress takes her slave and shoves her sexy ass down on his face shaking her ass side to side smothering him as she full weight facesits on her ass slave. She can never get enough of the fact that she is humiliating him and has control of his breathing. This big ass smothering is one that you will never forget and will pass on to some of your friends.

Reaching maturity only a few weeks ago, Loona already knows how to dominate the losers she takes home. Her victim today was bewitched by her cute looks and finds himself bound and gagged with duct tape on her bed some time later. Loona now has a lot of fun showing her true face. She starts to full body slam him and jumps up and down on his skinny frame. But she even goes a step further by sitting down on his face full-weight and smothering him until her slave is totally at her mercy.

Another lesson for the seat pad save of Mistress Kathrin. One this warm summer day she takes off her trousers and sits and sits down on him in only her thong. Her well shaped ass is pressed over his mouth and nose for her to control his breathing. His neck lying on the seat of a chair he is smothered by her completely. Then she orders him to lie down on the floor and smothers him even more complete while the slave has to smell her ass.

Mistress Jane wears her extremely sexy golden lycra leggings in this clip. She shows it to the camera while her slave is lying bound to a bench in the background. She then starts to smother him under her skintight wrapped butt by sitting down on his face. Pushing down on the skinny loser, her glorious ass covers his mouth and nose completely. He begins to struggle from lack of oxygen, but she will give him only enough small breath to keep him alive.

BBW Lady Cathy's is wearing her purple latex neck holder dress while using her slave girls face as a cushion. The skintight dress clings to her enormous body and shows off her womanly curves. She smothers her slave with her big ass and reduces the breath of the girl until she groans with her full body weight. The slave is flattened until Cathy decides to let her take a small gulp of air and sits down again for she likes her slaves totally at her mercy.

Mistress Katja sits on her slaves face with her sexy blue jeans. She prepares herself for a shooting while her slave sits on the ground and is abused by her. She turned him into her living cushion and pushes her ass right against his face. He has to carry her whole weight.

Mature lady Kathrin chose a much younger guy to be her human ass cushion today. She orders him to lay his head on the chair and just sits down right on his face. She takes care of her hair while the slave suffers under her ass.

Mistress Cathy wears her black slip, black boots and a black bra as she smothers her slave who is laying on the ground. She sits on his face with her full body weight and makes him carry her. Then she starts to humiliate him by spitting on his face over and over again...

Mistress Krista wears a pair of sexy pantyhose as she makes her slave lay on a sofa. She sits on his face and smothers him with her full weight as she taunts and humiliates him by telling him that he is a total loser. She makes him kiss and worship her ass all the time...

Mistress Kimi wears her extra tight jeans in this one. She sits on her slaves face who is laying on the ground. She keeps rubbing her ass over his face. Later she removes her sexy black leather boots and makes him smell her stinky bare feet which have been covered inside the boots all day long...

Krista wears her very sexy pink nylons in this clip. She sits on the sofa as her slave lays under her. Her sexy ass has a comfortable seat on his face and she makes him smell and sniff her royal butt as she moves around and punishes the poor weakling by rubbing her full weight ass against his face...

Mistress Lady Maria sits on her slaves face with her sexy tight blue jeans. She sits on his head, smothers his face and enjoys herself as she hears her slave groaning and mumbling under her ass. She commands him to sniff and smell since she wants him to taste her sexy ass-scent...

BBW Lady Cathy sits on her slaves face with her full weight. She smiles down on him as she puts her royal ass on his mouth and nose and makes him breathe and taste her scent. She loves to transform slaves faces into living cushions or seats because she knows how to torture them with her bbw weight...

Mistress Jasmina wears some very sexy and tight shiny latex leggings in this clip. First she smothers her slave with her sexy ass while wearing those spandex, and then she peels them down to have a nice seat on his face with her string-ass.

Mistress Cathy loves it to torture her slaves with her bbw body. In this clip she takes place on her slaves face. She just wears a bikini and smothers her slave with her perfect heavy ass. She makes him smell and worship it while she has a nice seat on him...

Antonia sits down on her slave’s face and takes a chilling smoke break. Her hard jeans nearly crushes his poor face under her ass when she extends her legs over his body and sits on his face with her full weight. But her slave has to endure this punishment or the next one will be even more painful for him!

Mistress Sue wants to enjoy her favorite TV show and orders her slave to lie down on the couch so she can place her hot ass in skin tight jeans on his face while watching TV. Of course having his mistresses’ ass on his face with her full weight is very painful for the slave but obviously Sue doesn’t care that much!

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