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When Aurora gets up, she decides to train her slave on a new way to pleasure her. She gets dressed in stockings, black panties and a leather shirt. She calls him to her living room and makes him lay down. She repeatedly sits on his face. She gives him little breathing breaks but she is teaching him how to make her happy with his suffocation. She enjoys bouncing her ass on his red face.

The beautiful Tatiana and Mia are having a wrestling match that features lots of lesbian face sitting in panties. Forcing Mia to worship her ass, Tatiana smothers her Mia's face, forcing her to smell her beautiful ass. Tatiana's sexy ass looks great as she panty smothers the beautiful Mia, who is enjoying her time as an ass slave immensely. This is some premium forced face sitting that will leave you begging for more.

This Asian mistress loves facesitting on her ass slaves head. She uses her full weight to smother him taking control of his breathing as she sits on his face in her thong panties making him smell her sweaty ass. This femdom shows no mercy as she makes his face red from not giving him enough air to breath. She loves when her slaves worship her ass while she dominates them.

Mistress July is working out with her male partner when she decides that the work out mats and balls aren't good enough. She uses her full weight to facesit on her new ass slave in her pink panties smothering him with her ass and making him smell her womanly scent. She loves shoving her sexy ass on his face controlling his breathing as she continues to work out on his face.

Mistress Cynthia has her ass slave lie down on the couch as she begins to facesit on her slaves head using her full weight to crush and smother his face. She loves controlling her slaves breathing as she slides her jeans down and then sits on his face with her panties making him smell her ass as she humiliates him with facesitting humor. This facesitting femdom loves when he worships her ass while taking his breath away.

Mistress Weronika sits on her slaves face with her sexy pink slip. His face is covered by her gorgeous cheeks and his hands are tied together. She tells him that he will be staying there for the rest of the day if he won't sign her contract! A contract that will make him pay for the rest of his life...

Mistress Krista wears a pair of sexy pantyhose as she makes her slave lay on a sofa. She sits on his face and smothers him with her full weight as she taunts and humiliates him by telling him that he is a total loser. She makes him kiss and worship her ass all the time...

Arabella looks just great wearing a black shirt, black panties and pink shiny boots - and look even better with a male face as her seat. She smothers her victim in front of the fireplace and forces him to smell her ass.

Krista wears her very sexy pink nylons in this clip. She sits on the sofa as her slave lays under her. Her sexy ass has a comfortable seat on his face and she makes him smell and sniff her royal butt as she moves around and punishes the poor weakling by rubbing her full weight ass against his face...

Mistress sexy Scarlet loves to sit on her victims faces. This guy just wanted to flirt with her a bit inside a bar - now he finds himself as living cushion, laying on a bed with his face and head right under her sexy ass. Something definitely seemed to run very wrong - but now it's too late. She rubs her ass all over his face and makes him smell and taste it...

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