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This was supposed to be a birthday party! But it all turned sour, these kinky mistresses have turned on their friend. She was supposed to be the host of the party but they turned her in the victim. They take turns sitting on her face and smothering her. Against her will she is held down making it easy for the other girls to use and abuse her. This facesitting session can last hours and hours. Come and join us!

Mistress Krista wears a pair of sexy pantyhose as she makes her slave lay on a sofa. She sits on his face and smothers him with her full weight as she taunts and humiliates him by telling him that he is a total loser. She makes him kiss and worship her ass all the time...

Mistress Jessica has one slave locked up in the smother box. His head sticks out of the box and he is unable to avoid her ass from sitting on his face! She laughs and makes him smell and taste her. She humiliates him and changes her position several times.

Mistress Katja forced one of her slaves to get his head into the smother-box and bound his arms to it, too. She facesits him wearing a pair of hard jeans and smothers him completely under her sexy ass. She even raises her legs into the air and does some butt drops on his face to increase the pain and pressure.

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