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This skinny punk girl has been a very bad girl to her two mistress, the lovely Alex and Alexandra. So the two Alex's decide to have some fun with punishing her. The hold her down on the cushions and take turns riding her face while the other one makes sure this ass slave stays in place. Each one gets their turn smothering her, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her face up into their asses.

When it's time to have fun, they know how to do it. These hot girls call their slave into the room and blindfold him. They lay him on the couch and begin to step on him. They take their turns, stepping on him with their full weight and bare feet. They put their bare asses on his face, letting him inhale their pussy scent. They enjoy walking all over their slave for the night.

Sexy Mistress Katja and naughty Lady Lena are having a lot of fun with their new slave guy. His hands are bound together as they both make him lay down on a couch. They sit on his face with their sexy jeans asses and trample him with their high heeled pumps.

Two girls and one guy. The first had planned to make a video night but then one of those beauties found a magazine which belongs to him! It shows different femdom scenarios - and suddenly the girls became curious. They wanted to try what's written and shown in those papers...

Lady Chloe and Lady Tequila have an interesting fetish. They love to have a male guy laying down on the ground so that they both can have a nice comfortable seat on his face. While one of them smothers the slave guy the other one stands on his chest and humiliates him. That makes them both feel very powerful...

Mistress Krista told her friend Kimber about her passion - facesitting. Today she wants to introduce Kimber to this kind of domination and ordered her hubby to lie down on the couch. Krista and Kimber take turns sitting on his face and stomach and talk about the great feeling of a face underneath their asses.

The SadoSisters Layla and Jane want to sit on their slave’s face and placed him on a small couch in the middle of the room. They sit down in their tight jeans and take turns sitting on this loser’s face while discussing their activities later the day. They enjoy the facesitting even more when the slave is already moaning in the pain the hard jeans fabric causes him!

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