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Mistress Tanja can never humiliate her ass slave too much, she loves facesitting on her slaves face smothering him and forcing him to smell her scent as she uses her full weight to crush his face with her sexy ass and thighs. This facesitting mistress sits on her slaves face while wearing thong panties as he worships her ass while turning red in the face from her cutting off his air.

Mistress Tanja smothers her slave. She sits on his face using her sexy blue jeans. He tries to escape and struggles very heavy but she just smiles and keeps sitting on him to make him suffer. Later she makes him lie on the ground where she continues sitting on his face...

Mature lady Kathrin chose a much younger guy to be her human ass cushion today. She orders him to lay his head on the chair and just sits down right on his face. She takes care of her hair while the slave suffers under her ass.

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