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Madame Marissa was bored at home so she scrutinized everything her slave did in detail and she found some mistakes. She capitalized on them and she used them to humiliate him and torture him for fun. She rode him like a pony then she trampled him with her boots and finally she facesat on him and made him lick her ass as well as her farts. She had killed enough time so she let him go.

Lady Deluxe and Barbie are very mean to their slave. They take him outdoors so everyone can see how they humiliate him. He lies on the concrete while they walk all over him and trample him into the concrete with their high heel boots. They add facesitting to his humiliation while the other crushes his nuts with her boots. He is smothering in ass while his nuts are being crushed.

Goddess Perfecta and Princess Crystal are two smoking hot girls. They are so hot that they get slaves to do whatever they want. This time what they want to do is some naked facesitting. They take turns while one tramples the slave with her full weight while the other one smothers him with her pussy. This guy don't mind being a slave because he gets to have sexy ass in his face.

These two sexy American Mean Girls are all about abusing their slave as they put a blindfold and a leash on him and force him to lay down on the couch. They then take turns trampling him with their full weight and stepping on his face, neck and chest. Finally they take turns sitting on his face and forcing him to smell their asses until his faces turn bright red.

Mistress sexy Melissa wants her slaves unable to move and helpless. She hates it if they cancel a session because of overwhelming pain or something like that - so she always mummifies her victims before she starts. This time she wrapped one of them into sticky tape. Now she tramples him with her plateau boots, walks all over him with her sexy sweaty and stinky nylons and smother him with her perfect shaped ass...

Lady Melissa is very creative by figuring out new and different ways to punish her slave. In this clip you can see her trampling a slave with her sexy black plateau boots. The slave is unable to move because she made a sticky-tape-mummy out of him. Now she can do to him whatever she wants. She tramples him and also sits on his face. Later she walks all over him with her sexy nylon feet...

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