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Mistress Katja has tied her slave to an office chair using duct tape and now shops online using his credit card while sitting on his face. She doesn't care about the pain he's in or the fact that he can't breathe with her sexy ass covering his mouth and nose - she's just having fun shopping for clothes and jewelry without even paying for it!

Lady Anja tests her new slaveseat! She wears a very tight and sexy blue jeans and shows off her nice belly piercing. She enjoys her superior position on her slaves face while she smothers him and tortures him a lot! He mumbles and struggles but merciless Anja keeps sitting on his face with her full weight.

Mistress Sandra B looks so great and hot in her sexy leather trouser which fit very tight on her perfect legs. She also wears a leather corset. Look at her as she slowly smothers her slave with her shiny leather trousers. Later she strips them down to sit on her victims face with her string only...

Mistress Gia wears a very short skirt, and awesome high heels in this clip. She has one slave laying on the ground between her legs, his faced pressed against her red string! She loves having a slave down there and making him obey and worship her ass. Especially making him smell her pleases her so much...

Mistress Tequilla returns back home after a long shopping tour. What else would be better than having her sexy ass on a slaves face to relax a bit? Nothing of course - so she calls out for her slave, gets out of her clothes and uses his face as personal chair while just wearing a string...

Mistress Katja forced one of her slaves to get his head into the smother-box and bound his arms to it, too. She facesits him wearing a pair of hard jeans and smothers him completely under her sexy ass. She even raises her legs into the air and does some butt drops on his face to increase the pain and pressure.

Mistress Janette sits on a loser’s face. He has his arms bound behind his back to make sure he doesn’t even try to escape. Janette tries many different positions, testing which one smothers him the most.

Lady Anja is not only a financial dominatrix but enjoys all kinds of domination. This time she sits on a slave’s face while taking all his money! He’s totally smothered under her hot ass wearing only a pair of tight leather hot pants! Sexy combination of facesitting and financial domination.

Mistress Hellen sits down on her slave’s face who’s lying on the floor wearing tight sweatpants. She pins his hands down using her feet while sitting on him so he’s unable to leave and facesits him in many different positions – no air for this slave!

Mistress Katja is putting on some make up but the fucking chair is extremely uncomfortable. So she orders her slave to place his head on the chair so she can sit down on his face while styling up. She nearly crushes his face between the hard jeans fabric and the chair!

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