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If these pantyhose weren't made for face sitting for what else it was made? That's what Mistress Mercedes thought as she put it on for the first time. Now she just needed someone to test it, and of course she had good luck as so often. The doorbell rang and the electrician entered her house. She led him into the living room where she tricked him and wrapped him into plastic. Now she could easily punish and torture him with her sexy pantyhose ass. And as little reward for this punishment, she allowed him to kiss her string ass.

Lady Diamond sits on her slaves face with her full weight. She smothers him and makes him obey her. He is totally addicted to her as she rubs her sexy round ass all over his face controlling his breath and forcing him to smell her sexy ass. She keeps humiliating him all the time - telling him what kind of loser he is...

Krista wears her very sexy pink nylons in this clip. She sits on the sofa as her slave lays under her. Her sexy ass has a comfortable seat on his face and she makes him smell and sniff her royal butt as she moves around and punishes the poor weakling by rubbing her full weight ass against his face...

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