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Katja has kidnapped one poor guy. Next she put sticky tape all over his mouth to make him shut up. Then she sat on his face to smother him a bit. She always loved to humiliate her victims by sitting on their faces. It was degrading for them to be forced to smell her ass and she liked it especially because she hated men.

If these pantyhose weren't made for face sitting for what else it was made? That's what Mistress Mercedes thought as she put it on for the first time. Now she just needed someone to test it, and of course she had good luck as so often. The doorbell rang and the electrician entered her house. She led him into the living room where she tricked him and wrapped him into plastic. Now she could easily punish and torture him with her sexy pantyhose ass. And as little reward for this punishment, she allowed him to kiss her string ass.

Ayana has won the poker battle against her neighbor and now she claims to get what she deserved and what was part of the pool: Him as her slave for not less than one week! One week as her slave, the thought of being her property made him become frightened since he always knew about her perverted ideas. And he was right with it. The first thing she did was making him lie on the ground to humiliate him by sitting on his face with her ass. She really enjoyed this slave thing and made sure he wouldn't.

Mistress Weronika dressed up in a nurse costume and now wants to facesit her slave. She lifts her skirt so you can see her sexy white thong and just sits down right on his face. She looks damn sexy in this clip wearing her white hold-up stockings and high heels.

Mistress Nadja is a strong young amazon. In this clip she overwhelms one slave and sits right on his face. He struggles and tries to escape and free himself but it's absolutely hopeless. She sits on his face with her complete bodyweight and forces him to smell and inhale her sexy ass scent.

Mistress Weronika sits on her slaves face with her sexy pink slip. His face is covered by her gorgeous cheeks and his hands are tied together. She tells him that he will be staying there for the rest of the day if he won't sign her contract! A contract that will make him pay for the rest of his life...

The sexy Stewardess Viktoria arrived at home after a hard day. She just wants to relax and has her ass worshipped for being so assiduous all the day. Her husband slave is already waiting for her as she arrives. He is laying on the ground and immediately she gets down to sit on his face! That felt good...

Mistress Mina loves to smother her slaves with her leather gloved hands and her leather covered ass. Leather is her favorite material! In this clip you can see her torturing one of her slaves by shutting up his mouth with her hand, and sitting on his face with her entire body weight...

Sexy Mistress P wears her favorite extra tight jeans in this clip. She sits on her slaves face and makes him obey her. All the time she smothers him, she keeps humiliating him and telling him that he is one little pathetic wimp. The slave is bound up and cannot move himself.

Sexy mistress Weronika humiliates her husband in front of her girlfriends. She has found out that he secretly sniffs her stinky and worn panties. Now she has decide to out him on her girls night. She forces him to sniff her smelly slip right in front of her girl friends and makes her husband obey her. What a humiliation.

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